Color wars

The Red and Blue teams/armies during the Sports Party of 2006.

World War I (also known as the Color Wars) was the first of six World Wars in Club Penguin Army history.  It took place in 2006, and began the slow transition into what armies are today.  Armies were refered to by their color and not an actual name, and all battles were unorganized.


Since the beginning of Club Penguin, snowball fights have been common, with the snowball feature being introduced in former additions of Club Penguin.  Until then, though, it was usually random clashes between penguins, with nothing to represent.  Eventually, with the intoduction of more colors and color-based items, clashes between penguins representing a certain color would increase, creating the Color Wars, or what is today referred to as World War I.


It's not known exactly when World War I started, but it's believed to be in early-mid 2006.  Armies of all colors would fight at places like the Dojo and the Snow Forts.  There was little to no communication, with no websites, forums, or chatrooms set up for these clans.  With the Sports Party being released in 2006, two new powers arose:  the Red and Blue teams.  The Red army would be recognized as the most powerful under their leader Korn.  

Many other color armies would try to conquer the Red army, but they could not due to their power.  Eventually, the Red army would revolt, and overthrow Korn.  This would begin the decline of the Red army.  Other armies would eventually begin defeating them.

Not much is known about the specifics of this war, since most people today haven't been in the community this long.  

Short First Hand AccountEdit

"The first sign of armies were during the Color Wars. These started as long as most people can remember. This is World War 1. Many of the armies were disorganized. The biggest army was Red. The first Red army leader was Korn#### With an organized army and a strong leader with many loyal soldiers, this army raised to the top. It had many foes, but conquered them with great leadership. With great armies comes trust, but with trust comes trustworthiness, trustworthiness can not always bring friendship and loyalty. The Red leader was overthrown, but the Reds still remained powerful for a little while. Then they began falling apart and eventually they fell with the other color armies. During the middle of this war, The Pirates rose. Lead by Lufi, the Pirates were huge, they nearly controlled every server. The Pirate Ship, Beach, Dock, and Ski Village would all be full of Pirates. Until one day, where all of the armies banned together to stop the Pirates. The UMA ended up hacking their site. In the end, the Pirates were defeated and CP armies contuined to the next era. " [1]

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