Vo Yo is an 82 year old CPF leader who has nothing better to do than listen to Elmikey and outdated ranks. He is most notable for having slightly more common sense than the rest of CPF but is still a fag. Vo Yo also helped in the Elimkey Rape Scandal in May 2013.

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Vo Yo is said to have been a savage animal before being raised by the great wolf Benag. Vo Yo would learn how to be a normal human but being raised by a wolf had its effects in making Vo Yo join CPF.

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In May 2013, the ERS (Elmikey Rape Scandal) happened when several CPF leaders including Elmikey raped several kids, mostly girls. Vo Yo is said to not have taken a part of this scandal but helped plan and set the event up. This scandal would allow Elmikey to move the CPF leaders into a 3ic position where they became irrelevant and made Elmikey become a dictator.

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