Though now a fragment of our past, the Romans were once the greatest army in CP. During World War Two (CP WWII), they flourished on every server. Yet they never achieved the organization which other armies did, and fell in to a long history of major ups and downs. Their failure to find stability was, perhaps, the second greatest reason for their fall, however. The Roman Helmet item has become the stuff of legend, known for its many years absence from item catalogues. This was often blamed by Romans as the reason for the fall from former glory, and looked to as the marker of a future rise in which they would again recapture their empire.


Back in 2006 during the Color Wars, Romans were born on the server Blizzard. Some penguins that were veterans from WWI thought of creating armies with items and clothes. Romans,Vikings and Agents were born then. Soon a war started. The war was mainly fought on server Blizzard and server Iceberg. These clans were the first clans in CP Warfare. At first the Romans were the strongest because the viking helmet of the Vikings was a hidden item and to be a PSA agent you had to wait 30 days after creating your penguin. The Vikings and Agents didn't give up. Daily there were epic and fun wars in which was tough to decide who was the winner. Soon the big 3 died out because of the disorganization.

World War Two

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Revival Under Dj

Spree of Rises and Falls

Dj and His 12ish Comebacks

Dj's Legacy, His Method

Top Ten in 2013 and the Exposure of the Dj/Explorer777 Deception

The Legend of the Helmet: Reasons for the Inglorious Eras

View: Dictatorship, Instability, and Founder[?] Privilege

Romans in Army Lore: Their Legacy and Memory

List of Leaders

  • Explorer7777- 2006, Romans Died
  1. Djgtjvgyhxgy- 2006/2007, Romans died.
  2. Link360- 2006/7-2008, MIA
  3. Lorenzo Bean-2008, Retired
  4. Person1233- 2008, Retired
  5. Coolster114- 2008-2009, Retired
  6. Nickpooch- 2008, Retired
  7. Sarah- 2008-2010, Fired
  8. Ac Josh- 2008, Retired
  9. Link360(2)- 2010, Retired
  10. Lorenzo Bean(2)- 2010, Retired
  11. Drew Mist (Monsoon)- 2010, Romans Died
  12. Harvin13- 2010, Romans Died
  13. Casiusbrutus- 2010, Romans Died
  14. Khimo- 2011, Retired
  15. Monsoon, 2011, Retired
  16. Mrgpv- 2011, Retired
  17. Coolster114(2)- 2011, Retired
  18. Harvin13(2)- 2011, Retired
  19. TBC- 2011, Romans Died
  20. Subz- 2011, Retired
  21. Old Nitro- 2011, Retired
  22. Redrocks98- 2011, Retired
  23. Step Up- 2011, Romans Died
  24. Shadowclub6- 2011, Romans Died
  25. Puckerman- 2011, Romans Died
  26. Old Nitro(2)- 2011, Romans Died
  27. Cpt Awesome3- 2011, Retired
  28. Kooldude247- 2011, Fired
  29. Motox John- 2011, Retired
  30. Cpt Awesome3 (2)- 2011, Romans Died
  31. Djgtjvghxgy (2)- 2011, Romans Died
  32. Taz- 2012, Romans Died
  33. Kevin- 2012, Retired
  34. New Nitro- 2012, Retired
  35. Mrgpv(2)- 2012, Retired
  36. Step Up(2)- 2012, Romans Died
  37. Taz(2)- 2012, Fired
  38. Kevin(2)- 2012, Demoted
  39. Djgtjvghxgy (3)- 2012, Romans Died
  40. Lorenzo Bean(3)-2012, Romans Died
  41. Kevin(3)- 2013, Retired
  42. Benjarkin- 2013, Quit
  43. Coolster114(3)- 2013, Quit
  44. Djgtjvghxgy- (4)- 2013, Active
  45. Tempah- 2013, Quit
  46. Agent Titty- 2o13, Quit
  47. Mrgpv(3)- 2013, Retired
  48. Tempah(2)- 2013, Retired
  49. New Nitro(2)- 2013, Retired
  50. Talyor455- 2013, Active
  51. Cpt Awesome3(3)- 2013, Active
  52. Snaily5- 2013, Active

Note: Srgt Flame has been omitted from this list. This is probably the result of a coup d'etats against him when he suggested a new power structure and was promptly removed by conspirators which sprang out of nowhere to become the returning Dj's choice leaders.

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