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Big musty movie

Lord PainEdit

Aka Ultimate Communist. Aka the champion rager. Aka the army fucker. Lord Pain is the army communist clown. Hated for his stuidity and arrogance. Loved for how gay he is. He enjoys taking long bubble baths with Elmikey, Big Musty, and Jerry (who has filed a restraining order). He is notorious for excessive swearing, a hopelessly over-used caps lock, and raging binges that will make you laugh more then a midget playing with a yo-yo. He holds the world record for getting couped out of almost every army he's ever led. Yet somehow convinces himself he is the savior of the army community. He has scared off more peasants than anyone else. Ever. He had sexually relations with Commando in order to acheive his current rank of RPF leader. His name derives from his personality. A pain. He retired on a mothly basis, only to return to his former communist ways.  

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