While many users have come and gone in this community, some have made a mark larger than we could ever have imagined. They have made an impact in this community larger than we could ever have fathomed, and we take many things for granted today that were originally brought into this world by these people. Articles on all important people in this community can be accessed from this page.


Only twenty-six people since 2006 have been inducted into the CP Army Hall of Legends. Divided into four major subcategories, these people have changed armies for better or for worse in ways that will make them memorable for years to come. 

Warfare Pioneer, the most prestigous of the four categories, is meant for those who have made an enormous impact on armies in more ways than one. Only five people currently hold the title of Warfare Pioneer, their articles can be found below. 

Often considered the other most prestigous category, the title of Revolutionary, per its name, is awarded to those people who have revolutionized a part of warfare with their visionary ideas and new ways of doing things. The articles on the seven Revolutionaries are below. 

The third category, Greatest Leaders, is awarded to those who have lead their army to greatness it had never seen before. These leaders are often associated with the "Golden Age" of their respective army. Nine people have been inducted to this category, their articles are below. 

The fourth and final category is known as Strategic Masters. Somewhat like Revolutionaries, the category of Strategic Masters is awarded to those who have revolutionized what is arguably the most important facet of armies, tactics. Many tactics you perform on Club Penguin today were innovated by these five people.