While not the same as the title of "Legend", this category is used to keep track of all those who, while not being awarded the status of Legend, have influenced the community in great ways. 

CPAC Person of the Year

Person of the Year

Person of the Year began at the end of the 2012 year, and was an award presented to who were considered the "Top 10 Most Important People of 2012". Important did not necessarily mean they did good

things for the community, it simply meant these people impacted the community in ways that would make them unforgettable. 

Waterkid100, arguably the most famous leader of the Pirates army originally recieved Person of the Year 2012, however during a scandal between CPAC and Waterkid, the title was revoked. The individual in second -- Kingfunks4 -- was bumped to first place, now making the list only nine. The full list, before Water's removal, is below. 

  1. Waterkid100
  2. Kingfunks4
  3. Puckley
  4. Bluesockwa1
  5. Bluesockwa2
  6. SaW
  7. Ioioluk
  8. Albert417
  9. Buritodaily
  10. Lord Pain