Full Name Impossible Mission Army Force
Founded December 31st, 2007
Rank Dead
Government Democratic-Republic
Size Dead
Famed For  ???

The Impossible Mission Army Force, abbreviated I.M.A.F, where created by Flipmoo (Slimball2007) on December 31st of 2007, and perished to the army graveyards on June 7th, 2012. The IMAF was once the 5th largest army in ClubPenguin, but was usually somewhere between 7th to 9th place. IMAF's capital was Ice Palace, and they used to occupy that server for quite a long time. Ice Palace was a precious server to the IMAF nation and their history roots are from that server. In the beginning, the IMAF were close allies with the Club Penguin Air Force until they vanished after the troops got too old for the game. IMAF started to grow up to medium and formed a strong alliance with the Shadow Troops and Roman Fire Warriors which also boosted IMAF's popularity. The IMAF remained medium for a while until CAMO merged in, which literally doubled their size and made them extremely powerful. Their peek was around August of 2008 when they reached 25+ on an invasion against the Black Bandits. The IMAF had a tight bond between each other and most of the soldiers were extremely loyal. IMAF was around when the Nachos and ACP were at their golden age (when Person1233 was leading the Nachos and Boomer20 leading the ACP), and they also witnessed the creation of the CPAC. The IMAF also created their own original tactic called the Lightning Charge, though it has been forgotten ever since IMAF vanished.

The IMAF started to fall right after their founder, Flipmoo, retired somewhere around 2010. The Underground Mafias Army invaded Ice Palace immediately after he retired, and IMAF's homeland was taken. IMAF tried to deal with UMA without their founder, but to make things worse, the Night Warriors (which were lead by Vendetta at the time) decided to join in the fight. UMA and NW were both after Ice Palace, and even though IMAF tried their best, they were unable to protect their server. Both UMA and NW were waiting to strike until IMAF's founder would retire so that IMAF would be extremely vulnerable with their new unexperienced leader. After they lost the war, the IMAF site was hacked the IMAF fell to medium. All of their history were gone, and only a few posts and pages were restored.

The IMAF continued to fall slowly and even though one of the last leaders (XRD-Blade) and troops of the IMAF tried to restore the IMAF back to it's original position they could not. (IMAF site of when XRD Blade was leader.)

Only a few know about the IMAF nowadays and are gradually being forgotten, but the IMAF legacy will still remain somewhere around the ClubPenguin Warfare community.

IMAF Memories 200903:48

IMAF Memories 2009

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