Full Name Ice Warriors of Club Penguin
Founded June 2007
Rank 6th
Government Oligarchy
Size 20-25
Famed For Creator leading IW for 5 years straight.

The Ice Warriors is an army created by Iceyfeet1234 alongside Ice Burgh 24 in June 2007. It is known as the first army ending in "warrior"; an ending more than 15% of armies use today.Throughout their existence, the Ice Warriors have always been known as one of the Big Three (ACP, Nachos, Ice Warriors) due to their long existence alongside their power throughout the years. IW has been in every single CPAC top ten since the top ten's creation in 2009, and reached their peak of almost 90 soldiers in the Legends Cup I against the Nachos in 2010. Currently IW is led by Albert417, and are averaging a steady 20-25.


Compared to other armies with a similar time span, the IW has had only had 2 leaders, Iceyfeet1234 (a.k.a Icey) and Albert417 (a.k.a Alb).

Iceyfeet was one of the creators, and led from 2007 until 2012, when he retired and handed over command to Albert, and he became leader around the time of a drop in CP Army sizes. As a result, his main goal's whilst leader were to rebuild the IW and make it as strong as it ever was.


  • The Ice Warriors are known as a tournament army. They are always most powerful during a tournament, and most notably have won two of the three legends cups.
  • Iceyfeet1234 led IW for 5 years straight (retiring in June 2012) and is known as the longest serving leader/creator of a top ten army. 
  • Since their creation, IW has had only 2 leaders, Iceyfeet1234 and Albert417.
  • Ice Warriors won the 1st Army Warfare League (AWL).

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