Hot Sauce Army (HSA)
Full Name Hot Sauce Army (HSA)
Founded  ?
Rank Former Constant #1
Government  ?
Size  ?
Famed For  ?

The Hot Sauce Army was formally one of the most powerful armies in the army community for a short period of time. Created in the summer of 2009, HSA reached their heights as the fastest growing army (in 2009) eventually reaching 4th in the CPAC top ten. After dying out soon after, Dxdzn (one of the founding fathers) decided to re-create the HSA in January 2013. In just a mere 3 months, the Hot Sauce Army became known as a top 5 army, and later on the largest army for a short period of time, gaining a neat 45-50 soldiers and the largest Australian division of the time. After declaring war against the Nachos and losing torwards the end of the battle, the HSA slowly fell apart. Dxdzn soon retired, and most of the soldiers left.With Jason and Bears left behind,HSA could no longer return to their glory causing HSA to die but with a notable death, with Dxdzn's demand that HSA is to never be re-created without his permission.. The final post can be found on the website. 

Some notable leaders of the final generation were:
==Hot Sauce Army (HSA) Leaders==

Creator: Hypermext54

#Panthers Bas
#Sara Gigy

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