Todomatsu keens. He’s not obnoxiously loud, but he knows that every sound he makes is followed by his older brothers. Every grunt, every groan, and it damn near drives Osomatsu insane. Karamatsu too, if from the way he was handling Todomatsu’s cock and his own was anything to go by. Arm around Todomatsu’s waist, Osomatsu grins, and drives himself deeper. Both his brothers groan and Todomatsu is trembling around him, doing something fierce to every part of his body.

Karamatsu, maybe Todomatsu, one of them has snaked a hand back, gripping and pulling on the cheeks of his ass, and it only serves to make him crazier, hungrier. Karamatsu moans around Osomatsu’s tongue, and Todomatsu works his fingers into Karamatsu until Osomatsu is drinking every sound.

But then, there’s the slide. Barely, he hears it, above the way Todomatsu is calling for him, niisan, hurry please let me come, and how Karamatsu is beyond gone, hand covered in himself but still determined. Pulling away from Karamatsu’s mouth, Osomatsu sees Choromatsu at the door, sees the colour in his cheeks and the hand hesitating at the front of his pants. 

Osomatsu fondly remembers taking Choromatsu, how his adorable brother quaked around him, called for him, sucked him off when he didnt come from fucking alone. Raising a hand, Osomatsu beckons Choromatsu closer, because he’s not a stranger to this thing, and Todomatsu is calling for him, keening, Choromatsu-niisan, tell Osomatsu-niisan to fuck me harder. Karamatsu wriggles out from underneath, wet cock slapping his thigh as he draws closer to Choromatsu, and it might be the last straw. 

Door sliding behind him, Osomatsu watches as Karamatsu kisses Choromatsu, undresses him, lowers himself to take him in his mouth. Osomatsu finally lets Todomatsu go, delighting in the sweaty filthy mess of a little brother that stretches out on the floor, sated for the most part. He’s still hard, close, but solid, dick curved upward and slightly to the left, completely revelling in the way Choromatsu watches him walk over, and takes him in for one deep kiss.

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