Old Ass Lady That Is About To Die Gets Fucked?Edit


“Muscle!Muscle!Hustle!Hustle!” Jyuushimatsu repeatedly shouted as he marched around the house with his bat.Every inch of his body screamed innocent. Ichimatsu watched as his little brother approached him, “What” “Nii-san!I'm in a good mood today!!Hustle!Hustle!” Ichimatsu huffed, “You always are,now, shoo” Jyuushimatsu jumped around the room excitedly, “That means baseball!Let's play baseball!” Ichimatsu put down ESP kitty and stared at Jyuushimatsu, “Fine.”

Tying Ichimatsu has never taken this long.The rope was not even tight enough for Ichimatsu to go M. “Oi.You're so slow.What's wrong with you?” He turned around and Jyuushimatsu was sweating bullets, “O-Oh!I'm sorry Nii-san!” Ichimatsu smirked and replied in a smug kind of tone, “Perhaps you're turned on by this~?I didn't know you were like Jyuushimatsu turned stiff at his remark,. 'Jackpot' Ichimatsu thought.

He easily broke free of the rope and fell on Jyuushimatsu's crotch area. It felt hard. Something was poking Ichimatsu's cheek.

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“Ne,Jyuushimatsu.Explain this.” Ichimatsu placed his fingers on Jyuushimatsu's dick and started rubbing the area seen on his shorts.He then started licking it,slowly,staining his shorts purposely.He looked at Jyuushimatsu who was covering his mouth to prevent any moans.He then increased the speed and Jyuushimatsu was about to go off,

“N-Nii-san!?!!?“ “Yes?You want me to stop?Then I'll stop.”

He purposely stopped right when he's about to release his load.He stood up and clapped his hands like he just touched a dusty shelf. He looked at Jyuushimatsu who is burning red and he smirked,then left.

Jyuushimatsu was left in the room sitting on the floor,still hard and dumbfounded. “Eh?H-He just left?!?”

That furry bastard left him hanging.


Their mother recently received chocolates from her old friend,but she does not like sweets at all as they are hard to bite.She then thought of her NEETs. She gave it to the NEETs,who happily accepted the box.

“Man, I've had enough,ugh” Osomatsu whined. “It's so sweet and delicious but I'm having a toothache” Karamatsu joined in. “I think I'm sick” Choromatsu walked to the toilet. Todomatsu nodded. They all passed the box to Jyuushimatsu and Ichimatsu and threatened them about how sweet it is. As soon as the deed was done they all raced to the toilet and pushed Choromatsu's face out of the way.

“Oh!It isn't so bad Nii-san!!Try it!!” Jyuushimatsu exclaimed and took a nice looking piece of chocolate. Instead of taking the sweet,Ichimatsu opened his mouth and closed it on Jyuushimatsu's fingers. He quickly ate the candy and started licking Jyuushimatsu's finger. Jyuushimatsu blushed furiously. He then started blowing Jyuushimatsu's finger,his tongue out and making muffled moans then gently removing his mouth so that he creates a string of saliva. Jyuushimatsu was clearly turned on. Ichimatsu then licked his fingers and stared at Jyuushimatsu as if he did nothing wrong, “What are you staring at?” Jyuushimatsu was speechless,secretly hoping Ichimatsu won't leave him hanging again.

“P..Please continue!!” He begged. Ichimatsu grinned, “You're the needy type, huh?I don't deal with those”

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