The Water Vikings are an army created by Jed Pen and Zach610 on December 29, 2010. They have had several generations but are most known for their latest generation which reached as high as second in the top 10. Their current site is

First GenerationEdit

The Water Vikings were created by a merge between Jed Pen's Masked Vikings and Zach610's Water Troops. Because of the merge, WV quickly grew in size until they reached the number one medium army. Early on, they faced challenges against small armies such as Platinum Warriors, Phoenix Bandits, and CP Green Team, but overcame them all. Soon, however, a war with the Tacos brought and end to this generation of WV

Second GenerationEdit

Quickly after the death of the Water Vikings, Zach and former 2IC Soccerman179 recreated the army. A lot of the original troops rejoined, and so did many more. This generation quickly grew to reach number 9 on the CPAC major top 10, but were soon faced with new challenges. Due to a war with UMA, WV soon fell. The ultimate punch happenned as the very loyal Soccer retired. This brought WV to a very large depression. Soon though, Zach and several other trusted soldiers came up with a plan to bring WV back to the top.

Pirate GenerationEdit

Due to the success of FW changing their name to Ninjas, Zach came up with the idea to change WV into the Pirates, in hopes of capitalizing on the upcoming Club Penguin Adventure Party. The leaders of this generation were the creators, Zach and Jed, along with Bepboy9 and Skyfish. The Pirates rose at a tremeandous rate, reaching major in a mere five days. However, arguments broke out among owners and lead to a rapid fall. After about a month, an agreement was met, that Pirates would merge into Sun Troops, and Zach could recreate WV.

Third GenerationEdit

Almost immediately after the merge into Sun Troops, Zach and Bep brought back WV. This generation once again hit major, but wasn't as succesful as the 2G. During third generation, Zach shocked the army world by retiring WV to focus on Nachos. Almost immediately after, WV died. WV was attempted to be ressurected a few times, most notably by Bep and Tylund1 which reached medium.

Fourth GenerationEdit

In late 2012, Bep brought back WV. Soon, Zach came back to WV and brought Dashing Snow in as leader. These three helped lead WV to new heights. Early on, WV battled against Dark Defenders and Pretzels. Soon, WV got into a war with LT which was very close. Eventually, the war ended, leaving WV in a state of limbo, usually hanging around medium or bottom of the top 10. Then, Bluesockwa1 joined WV. This gave WV a lot of exposure and helped them rise. Soon though, Zach retired WV for the final time, and Blue1 left shortly after. Dash and Bep became the two leaders of WV, and searched for new leaders. After a couple of leaders left, they promoted loyal 2IC Change to leader. WV troops now had become inspired, and WV made that jump from the bottom of the top 10, to the top. For the next few weeks, WV rose and hung around about 5-2 in the top 10. They gained steam from a merge with the Federation, bringing Funks in as leader, as well as adding two more leaders, Freezie and Tylund (once again).

DW, who didn't like WV, began threatening them, so WV, Nachos, and AR declared war on DW. Over the course of the war, WV lost troops to DW, but recruited more troops. Many of the invasions by DW were scheduled in AUS time, so WV wasn't able to use its full force. Most battles were neck and neck, and the war ended in a treaty.

After the war, WV fell a little bit, and soon Tylund1 and Dash retired. They quickly promoted 2IC Aaron to leader.


The current leaders of WV are Aaron, Freezie, Funks, and Change.

The capital of WV is Parka.

WV also owns Belly Slide, Marshmallow, Oyster, Snow Board, Snow Drift, Puddles, Hypothermia (shared with AR), Arctic, Great White, and Sled

Leader ChronicleEdit

Current Leaders: Dashing Snow, Bepboy, Buddy, Rose

1st Leader: Jed Pen

1st Leader: Zak

2nd Leader: Teh Kitteh

3rd Leader: Kkabc123

4th Leader: Zak (2)

4th Leader: Soccerman179

5th Leader: Charizard58

6th Leader: Andre

7th Leader: Charizard58 (2)

8th Leader: Ajman9011

9th Leader: Sledderboy*

10th Leader: Bepboy9

10th Leader: Zak (2)

11th Leader: Josephp3

11th Leader: Twitchy543

12th Leader: Kingfunks4

13th Leader: Tylund1

13th Leader: Floppy50611

14th Leader: Supratk

15th Leader: Bepboy9 (2)

15th Leader: Tylund1 (2)

16th Leader: Braveboy

17th Leader: Jed Pen (2)

17th Leader: Zak (3)

18th Leader: Bepboy9 (3)

19th Leader: Icey Cold27

20th Leader: Zak (4)

20th Leader: Dashing Snow

20th Leader: Bluesockwa1

21st Leader: Change

22nd Leader: Tylund1(3)

23rd Leader: Freezie

24th Leader: Funks

25th Leader: Aaron

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