Boomer is one of the most legendary figures of ACP's history. Boomer20 is known for one of the most incredible rises of 2008/09 and his stable leadership. He is an active CP Army Legend/Veteran who still posts on CPAC. In his early years in Club Penguin Warfare he obviously became leader of ACP. He not only lead this army once but indeed twice. Plus during his leadership reign many have called/nicknamed it the "Boomer Era" During his Triumph he won back the spotlight for ACP (if it was ever lost)  by having it crowned 'Army of the Year' for not only 2008 but 2009 as well. To not make matters even more legendary he won the CPAC's 'Christmas Chaos' tournament in '08 and the 'Decades End' tournament. During the "Decades End" tournament he is credited for reaching 150 troops on CP. They say he created the "Circle Charge Tactic". During the almighty reign he has done multiple alliances 'political' alliances, most famous for the Cp Army Council. Which was very famous back then. He is not only a Legend of 2009 but a Cp Warfare pioneer.

Now Boomer relaxes in his Mansion posting CPAC posts and commenting on some with his famous gifs.

(I would ignore everything else on this page since I didn't do it)

one day boomer20 saw a penguin called doriboss

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