Blizzard880 was most notable in creating the Blizzard Warriors (BW) on June 27th, 2011. The army was well known for receiving a spot in the Top Five on CPAC. He led BW to decent heights, maxing 20-25 consistently during events. Although the army was short lived, BW was indeed an army that would never be forgotten. Many attempts were tried to bring back the Blizzard Warriors to its former glory, however Blizzard promised that one day he would restore the army.

Career in Armies Edit

ACP: Before creating the Blizzard Warriors, Blizzard880 joined ACP (Army of Club Penguin) in November 2010, where he was an active troop, ranking up to a Major General. The ACP was Blizzard's first army he ever joined.

LT: To some, Blizzard880 was depicted as being a "traitor" because he fled ACP and joined the Light Troops (LT), an arch-enemy of ACP, during early 2011. Blizzard880 was, however, successful in LT, as he became a 2ic within months of joining.

SWAT: During Spring of 2012, Blizzard was enlisted in the SWAT Army, where he became a Commander General during SWAT's golden age. He also organized division websites and held training events. Blizzard, to this day, is considered to be a notable troop in the army.

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