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Big Musty is the current leader of FCP (Facists of Club Penguin) and also Elmikey's bitch. Whenever Elm's dick gets small, Big musty has to cover it up by sending FCP troops. Elmikey always uses Big Musty whenever CPF is failing (most of the time). FCP originally ripped off of the DCN (Democracy of Nachos), but soon changed its ways to become fascists, making it allies of the Communist Penguin Federation (CPF). Big Musty currently weighs 600 pounds at the age of 17-20 and has a hatred of liberty and democracy.

Whoever wrote this has no social life whatsoever - Elmikey

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Big Musty has had many adventures in FCP, and has even made 2 movies about it (see video for first movie).

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Unfortunately, most FCP have slightly more common sense than CPF, so Big Musty keeps his troops in an orphan house rather than a toddler daycare.

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