An army is the basis of which this community exists. The respective armies in this community are the powers that fight to monopolize warfare, their size being determined by how many penguins in the army and how many servers they claim ownership to. 


The concept of armies itself originated during the Color Wars, at the time of the original founding of Club Penguin. During this time, clans such as Red and Blue fought for dominance around the island, with no real organized battles. 

Eventually, this would give way to organized armies. The first of which is believed to be the Army of CP, founded by Oagalthorp on the Miniclip Forums. Other early armies include the Romans, Nachos, and the Underground Mafias Army. 

Notable Armies

Here you can view the articles on some of the most influential armies in the community. If you're looking to view articles on organizations besides armies, check out the articles on CPAC, SMAC and CPUN